Valour and Wisdom LLP Transcription – Medical, General and Legal

Valour and Wisdom provides specialized Transcription services to Hospitals and Clinics. Our teams are located across different geographical locations – India


Valour and Wisdom adheres to a robust process to ensure that the final output is of a superior quality. The following steps capture the way in which we work:

  1. The Account Manager retrieves the dictations from the FTP or client server. These are then assigned to the designated Tier-1 transcriptionist who works as a dedicated resource for you
  2. The medical transcriptionists use prescribed templates to transcribe the audio. Then, they submit the completed document for proof-reading
  3. The proof-readers check the transcripts for any grammatical mistakes. The reviewed and corrected documents are sent to the Quality Assurance (QA) team. Feedback is sent to the Tier-1 team
  4. The QA team uses random sampling to perform quality checks. They send their review comments to both the transcriptionists and the proofreaders
  5. In the end, the completed medical transcriptions are sent to the Account Manager who does a final check to ensure that the correct templates have been used. Once this is done, the final documents are sent to the client

Outsource your online medical transcription needs to Valour and Wisdom

We can help you:


Valour and Wisdom medical transcription services

We can help you transcribe a wide variety of reports, including:

All these reports are also available for our medical transcription specialties like, pathology transcription, HL7 transcription, and emergency room transcription services.

Outsource Medical Billing & Coding Services

Valour and Wisdom IT Zone Solutions understands the critical of timely medical billing and coding in effectively managing your revenue cycle. We can help you:

By outsourcing your requirements for medical billing and coding services to us, you can leverage solutions that free you from managing repetitive tasks. This, in turn, can help you focus on your core function of providing health care services to your patients.

Outsource Clinical Data Research – Pharmaceuticals Health Care

Valour and Wisdom provides Internet Research and Analytics support to multiple global clients in the Pharmaceutical industry that help hasten biotech research in drug development on a far thinner budget. Building and Maintenance of Clinical Trial Data Repository based on:

Data Mining and Analytics – Any Market Sector

Valour and Wisdom provides mined, cleaned, and useful data to clients which provide deep insights into the competition, market capitalization and penetration of any market domain. Current clients include Real Estates and Janitorial Services, Students doing Doctorate and Thesis Related Research, Law Firms for Financial Crime and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Agriculture.

Stock Market Analysis – Banking Finance

Valour and Wisdom works with clients who are Investment Bankers, Mutual Funds Investors, Stock Brokers, etc in provide prediction analysis tools and guides in order to maximize their stocks and investments.

Translation Services

Valour and Wisdoms team provides translations from 15 different languages to English and vice versa. The language expert’s portfolio includes almost all major European Languages – Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, and Persian, Arabic and Indian.

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