It is our part of vision to train and equip the trainees in the field of latest technology and deploying state–of-the–art training tools, thereby creating a large bank of highly skilled and efficient Human Resources for the development of Socio economic development of the society.


Valour and Widsom IT Zone Solutions is the power house of the technological training with the professionals expertise in their specialization. Our trainers are one of the best trainers with rich industry experience with 7+ years of execution.


  1. CCTV Camera Installation Training
  2. Laptop Service Training- (Lvl-1)
  3. Laptop Motherboard Training (Lvl-2)
  4. Laptop Complete Chip level Training-(Lvl-4)
  5. Computer Hardware Training
  6. Motherboard Service Training-Desktop -New
  7. LCD/TFT Monitor Training
  8. HDD Service & Data Recovery Training
  9. Printer Service Training
  10. Refilling Training (Ink,Toner)
  11. Printer Head Recondition Training
  12. Monitor & SMPS Service Training
  13. Computer Network Training
  14. SMT Electronics Training
  15. Cellphone Service Training
  16. Tablet PC (TAB) Service Training
  17. Solar Power Training
  18. LED Lights-Product Manufacturing Training
  19. PCB Designing & Fabriction. Training
  20. Microprocessors Training
  21. Microcontrollers Training
  22. Robotics Training
  23. Embedded Systems-Training
  24. Electronic Product Designing
  25. LCD Projector Service Training
  26. LCD TV Service Training
  27. Photocopier (Xerox) Service Training
  28. UPS Service Training
  29. Inverter Service Training
  30. Electrician Training
  31. Electronic Projects Training
  32. Access Control Systems Training
  33. CNC Machine Training
  34. Auto Electronics & Electrical Training (Car)
  35. Air Conditioner(AC)Service Training
  36. Television Service Training
  37. DVD/MP3 Player Training
  38. Telecom/Cardless Training
  39. Coin box, STD, PCO Training
  40. Fax Service Training
  41. Audio Devices Service Training
  42. EPABX Service Training

Package Course (Printer Service training, Refilling Training) Free: 30 days Login Access, CCP Exam, UV Certification

CHIP LEVEL PACKAGE (CLP)- (Laptop Level1, Laptop Motherboard-Level2, Desktop Motherboard Training.) Free: 30 days Login Access, SMT Course Free, CCP Exam, UV Certification

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