Legal Process Outsourcing

Uncertainties in the macro-economic environment and increased budget constraints pose a challenge to law firms and corporate counsel face in terms of cost pressure as well as to acquire and retain top-drawer talent. These firms are now focused on partnering with Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) providers that give them access to legal specialists, while they utilize their internal resources to concentrate on their core businesses.

Valour and Wisdom IT Zone Solutions Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) solutions help organizations leverage business process outsourcing as a strategy to ‘extend their enterprise’, thereby providing access to a high quality talent pool of legal professionals, a proven global delivery model, deep domain expertise and an unrelenting focus on delivery excellence.

Valour and Wisdom IT Zone Solutions helps clients reduce costs of their legal processes and more importantly, have their associates focus on spending more time with clients, thereby creating greater value for the organization. Legal services are high-risk, sensitive and highly complex, and Valour and Wisdom IT Zone Solutions works with clients towards achieving increased efficiency while at the same time reducing costs. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is the industry in which in-house legal departments or organizations outsource legal work from areas where it is costly to perform, such as the United States or Europe to areas where it can be performed at a significantly decreased cost, primarily India. Legal Process Outsourcing is a high end industry that has been growing rapidly in the recent years.

Valour and Wisdom IT Zone Solutions LPO service offerings include:

Property Law

■ Freehold and Leasehold Conveyance

■ Mortgage Re-financing Legal Processing

■ Title Checking Services

■ Home Information Pack (HIP) Back Office

Personal Injury Claims

■ New Claims Processing

■ Medical Evidence Evaluation

■ Claims Settling and Closing

Law Firm Back Office

■ Digital Dictation Transcription

■ Accounts Payable and General Ledger

■ Employee Data Management and Payroll

Corporate Legal Support

■ Contract Management

■ Legal Research

■ Litigation Support

Legal Process Outsourcing covers the following services

  • Contract Drafting Services & Contract Monitoring/Management
  • Document Review, Electronic Discovery and Litigation Services
  • Medico-Legal Support Services
  • Litigation Document Management
  • Bankruptcy Filing, Pleadings & Documentation
  • Legal Research
  • Paralegal Support Services
  • Contract Drafting Outsourcing
  • Contract Monitoring Outsourcing
  • Contract Management Outsourcing
  • Document Review Outsourcing
  • Electronic Discovery Outsourcing
  • Litigation Support Outsourcing
  • Medico-Legal Outsourcing
  • Medico-Legal Support Services
  • Medical Malpractice Outsourcing
  • Medical Malpractice Legal Support Outsourcing
  • Medical Malpractice Litigation Support Outsourcing
  • Litigation Document Management Outsourcing
  • Bankruptcy Filing Outsourcing
  • Legal Pleadings Outsourcing
  • Legal Documentation Outsourcing
  • Legal Pleadings & Documentation
  • Legal Research Outsourcing
  • Paralegal Outsourcing Services
  • Patent drafting
  • Simple legal filings
  • Legal Publications
  • Proof reading
  • Litigation support
  • Legal Research
  • Document Drafting like standard contracts, agreements, letters to the clients, patent applications etc.
  • Legal Billing activities like preparation of invoices, collation of time sheets etc.
  • Intellectual Property research–substantive and administrative
  • Administrative and secretarial activities like following up with clients, etc.

The work is done by experienced paralegals and attorneys using industry standard. The main criteria for deriving value from such services is the level of maturity of delivery processes of the service provider. Also sufficient control should be exercised on the operations to ensure that the work is delivered to the level of expectation of quality of the client and the data is secure.