Valour and Wisdom Industrial Visits for Universities/Institutions

In the past few years, Industrial visits from universities/colleges along tour and travel activities in India have significantly increased. This has contributed to the growth of the Hospitality Sector as well. In all parts of India, Several IT Companies, Mechanical companies, Electrical companies and Electronics companies & several Guesthouses, Hotels, Motels, Rest Houses, Resorts, etc. have been established. Consequently, there has been an increase in the manpower requirements of industrial visits with Tour & Travel.

We efficiently cater to junior to senior level students for the technical learning aspect with fun and enjoyment during their college days. We do outsource the industrial visits for its quality and graded visits for the certified companies at a very low cost budget all over India. Valour and Wisdom has business collaboration in terms of outsourcing and Industrial visits which will benefit the student community at a very low cost budget in order to expose them to the new technology and what they learn. It is a part of our vision to enhance the Indian students with our Elephant Training Team with the culture of Joint Task Force (JTF).

We provide various educational packages for Industrial visits and tour with our expert team in all aspects who guide the students for fun learning.


We have highly trained professionals with experience of 2+ years holding their engineering degree with expertise in industrial visits. The project head will execute the industrial visits as per your requirement. We operate all over India for IT & Non-IT Companies with the Quality & Style in our service.

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