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Valour and Wisdom IT Zone Solutions provide solution to all your Computing & Office Automation needs i.e.. Sales, Service and Maintenance of Desktop PC/Laptops to High End Servers and Workstations, Audio/Video Integration. Other services offered by us are like Computer Up gradation, Networking of your home/office pc’s & printers, Structured Cabling, Wireless Networking, Bridging, Wifi Zones, Wireless Links, VOIP, Internet Connections, Multimedia, Web Development, Hosting Solutions, Corporate Mail Solution, Setting up and Internet cafe, Component Level Repairs, Data Recovery, Data Processing, Computer Consumables, etc. We have well experienced & Qualified (MCSD, MCSE, CCNE) service engineers to provide you with prompt services and trouble free computing environment. We have our software development team for Software Solutions, Web Site development, etc. We have facilities for component level repair of your computer spares. We offer one stop solution to all your computing needs with high quality of services. Our company deals with high end servers, nodes and data storage devices. We have also entered into partnership with leading companies for desktops, printers and notebooks. We have attained expertise in incorporating different brands of hardware into one cohesive and compatible working unit which gives maximum output through proper alignment. We also provide personal computers of leading companies like Lenovo, IBM, HCL, HP, Dell’s etc.





All computer peripherals are provided at very low cost budget with high quality branded hardware.


Other Services provided under AMC:

Help Desk Support

  1. a) Call Logging, Analysis & Monitoring through the call cycle
  2. b) Assigning calls to the engineers
  3. c) End User Support
  4. d) Contractor Co-ordination
  5. e) Call Closures
  6. f) Call Report Generations & submission

Hardware support

  1. a) Comprehensive maintenance of IT equipments & Video Conferencing Equipments as mentioned above.
  1. b) Troubleshooting and resolution of user calls related to Servers / Desktop / Laptop computers, printers, networking etc. & Video Conferencing Equipments and other peripherals(day today problem fixing);
  1. c) First level troubleshooting, configuration and maintenance of I.T. Systems and Video Conferencing Equipments or other specialized equipment;
  1. d) Monitoring and troubleshooting LAN etc.

Software Support

  1. a) Install / upgrade system software, operating systems and drivers on server and all desktops, Printers etc.
  1. b) Problem diagnosis and rectification of Operating System (server & desktops) and Network.
  1. c) Installation / Reconfiguration / Reinstallation of Operating System, Office Applications on server and desktops from the original licensed media.
  1. d) Arrangement of necessary drivers (software), if required.
  2. e) Keep the in-house developed applications, if any, fit for usage & ensure trouble free usability of the applications.
  1. f) Restoration of Systems

Network Maintenance Services

  1. a) Preventive and corrective Maintenance of LAN / Network Equipments etc,.
  2. b) Network Troubleshooting – LAN, Internet, by coordination with the Contractor.
  3. c) Restoration of connectivity of node with the Server. Rectification of fault in LAN point, Cable, Switches, Patch cords, RJ-45s and I/Os etc.
  1. d) Configuration of printers and other Network peripherals on the network.
  2. e) Attending corrective maintenance calls related to restoration of networking of switches and other active components.

Server support (System Administration)

  1. a) Complete OS & Server Administration Support
  2. b) Ensure uninterrupted connectivity through various networking components
  3. c) Resolving configuration errors, server crashes & software corruption
  4. d) Problem diagnosis and rectification on Network Operating System
  5. e) Installation, configuration and up gradation of Server Operating Systems
  6. f) Preventive and Proactive Maintenance services
  7. g) Create & Manage Logins
  8. h) System recovery in case of system corruption
  9. i) Server performance monitoring

Back-Office Support

  1. a) Escalated support available from certified professional, in case engineer is unable to complete the task.
  2. b) Technical specialists available for onsite support on complex problems.
  3. c) Online telephonic technical assistance available from the technical specialists.

Virus / Spam Control & Security Services

  1. Update anti-virus tools periodically on server / client machines.
  2. Diagnose and rectify and virus problems which can be fixed by the anti-virus tool.
  3. Security policy management
  4. Anti-virus management
  5. Ensuring latest anti-virus patches are installed throughout the organization.
  6. Disinfect files and systems in case of virus attacks or infections
  7. Advise on the most suitable anti-virus solution

Installation of New software and License Packs

  1. Proper planning and co-ordination for new software installation
  2. Verify authenticity of the licenses, Undertake installations to minimize /eliminate interruptions in system availability

Asset Control & Coordination with other Contractors

  1. Record configuration details, serial nos., asset code, warranty and AMC details
  2. Track movement of asset within a location or between different locations
  3. Dispatch support calls to the right Contractor for timely support, if required.
  4. Monitor and measure the calls being serviced
  5. Timely call escalation for unresolved problems
  6. Details pertaining to all the Contractors is available at a single point
  7. Backup & restoration of Users Data, when necessary.

Routine Inspection of Power Supply

There will be a Electrical Engineer for periodical inspection of the power supply and to report thereupon specifically at every fortnight.

Other tasks: –

Preventive maintenance and regular cleaning of PCs and its peripherals, Switches, Racks etc. should be done for trouble free and dust free operations and the report to be submitted as proof of their services rendered. Report of routine complaints and compliance, to be submitted to this Office regularly.

The firm will provide genuine parts of computers in case replacement of parts if needed. The parts shall be of the same make or nearer. In the event of their non-availability of same make, best & nearer to same quality parts will be used.


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