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Our approach is unique: It aims to build a long-term relationship with its clientele. Maintaining your home is essential to preserve its value and we work with you to assist you with your projects in order to make your dreams YOUR reality.


01. Founded in 2007

The idea was a part of our strategic plan, as we move slowly but in steady manner being a brand in every location of our project as VALOUR AND WISDOM LLP CONSTRUCTION UNIT, gaining our momentum as a brand ARCHIPILOTIS with our architects, structural engineers & civil engineers with our honest labour management team.

02. Strong Family Values

 Excellence, Professionalism, Discipline , Customer focus, INTELLECT, IDEALISM, COURAGE, GRIT, PASSION, LEAD, HONOUR, INSPIRE from our hearts.


Bending with nature is the guiding philosophy underpinning everything we do in ARCHIPILOTIS; our design approach is inspired by natural elements to our focus on conservation, working with nature is the core design and business focus.

04. Passionate Experts

To serve the nation with our skills, being professional warriors and succeeding in all the tasks in ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION’s under our prestigious organization with out expert team.




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ARCHIPILOTIS is a custom residential architecture studio with expertise and passion for British Bungalow Designs. Based in PAN INDIA Locations, the company’s vision and purpose is to create homes that are both intimate and inviting. Whether for repose and comfort at the end of the day or to reconnect and recharge with family, moments of life within the home are enriched by how a view is captured and framed; by the light that illuminates and warms surfaces throughout the day; and by the details that beckon and beguile.

ARCHIPILOTIS has designed a portfolio of homes in neighborhoods across PAN INDIA.

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Design & Beyond

In addition to our core solutions, we offer a full suite of project design and management solutions. From concept to handover, our flexible approach allows our clients to tailor our involvement in order to support their budget, program and available skill set.

                                                                                                                           OUR COMMITMENT

We will do what is the best for you.

Clients can expect a balance of professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm throughout the process of creating warmly refined, contemporary residences. Advanced technologies are grounded and informed by skilled hand drawing, and both are utilized to demonstrate ideas for complete understanding of space and utility, structure and light. 

ARCHIPILOTIS is comprised of a great group of people who love architecture and who delight in incorporating the layers of context, planning, design, and materials that create places their clients love. Collectively, their responses to design come directly from an empathetic relationship to the client, listening and remaining in contact through the process. “Each person here has an innate sensibility for seeing the world perhaps in a different way, which connects us as a group. We are equally personable and have great rapport with our clients and each other. The process of building a home is deeply personal — and emotional. Together we endeavor to make it as comfortable for our clients as we can. It is exciting to be able to enrich peoples lives and we are enriched in return.”


However, beyond our core solutions, we also offer a full suite of project design and management solutions.

From concept to handover, our flexible approach allows our clients to tailor our involvement in order to support their budget, program and available skill set.

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Collaborating with our clients to create extraordinary buildings, from the ground up, that bring a unique level of sophistication and elegance to the concept.

Soil Test & Digital Survey

With soil test & land surveys, being able to know how big a plot size is can help dictate the price of the property. As a result, it can be a great way to negotiate when it comes to buyers who want to try and bargain if the plot is smaller than what’s being listed. It can be a great advantage for individuals who are planning to buy a property.

2D Floor Plans

As well as services in the market with custom house design(two bedroom house plans/ three bedrooms) services, we also offer the online catalogue of architectural design, structural design, 2D floor plans, mechanical design, electrical design, plumbing design, landscaping design for your house plans, to anyone in your city.


As per the FMB from government authorities the land layout will be prepared.This is a survey that combines the boundary and topographic survey mentioned further down. It’s often used for designing homes, commercial properties, and industrial sites to segregate them into plots.

Approval Drawings

ARCHIPILOTIS is a professional architectural design company delivers services from architectural design to council permit drawings.

Vastu Consultation

Our vastu specialists will suggest some particular positioning and directional rules which prove to be helpful in forming positive energy at every corner of the building according to the meridian of earth for more cosmic energy flow.

3D Elevations

Our professionals provide top class 3D elevation for the approved floor plans.

Structural Consulting

We provide a set of plans that shows how a building structure will be built. It includes foundation and dimensions, framing details, beam & column details, and wall sections which are used as a guide for building the structure. We took the pride of delivering you the perfect structural drawings design by our expertise designers.

Handing over the Possession

Key handover procedure may take place at a formal handover meeting with feedback sessions.

Best Cost Estimate

Whether you are building a house or any other commercial building, you just come to our online platform to get the extraordinary range of building estimation services. We are specialized in providing the fast and accurate cost estimation of your building in order to provide a personalized quotation for each and every customer. If you are willing to request a quote, you have to tell use all your requirements and obtain up to
2 to 3 free quotations from our reliable professionals.

Interior Design

We provide end-to-end infrastructure implementation solutions that include engineering, procurement and construction services on a fixed-sum turnkey basis as well as on an item rate basis. We handle civil engineering projects with specialization in roads including maintenance.

Building Constructions

Our work approach includes developing clear understanding of the client’s requirements, evaluating the current condition of the construction site, and developing definite plans for construction. We are backed by team of experienced and well-qualified professionals.

Renovation & Painting

Our company has achieved laurels in providing Building Renovation Service to the clients. Provided service is rendered in a well-organized and prompt manner. This service is widely acknowledged by respected customers for high trustworthiness and flexible execution. Building Renovation Service is accomplished using advance technology and latest machines while rendering these services to the customers.

Road Development

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We also help clients visually articulate value to the community, and in approvals processes, by combining our experience in stakeholder engagement with leading skills in virtual modelling.

Online Consulting

we can tailor the best tested solution to fit a local or national client’s project online.

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