The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association defines RPO as follows: “when a provider acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO providers manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance.” Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider.



VALOUR AND WISDOM RPO – Scope of Services

The scope of services, depending upon your requirement, may include but not limited to searching candidates from your

  1. internal database,
  2. job boards,
  3. posting open positions
  4. ads on job boards,
  5. CV/Resume screening,
  6. response handling,
  7. research for passive candidates,
  8. corporate intelligence research,
  9. database maintenance,
  10. skills testing, research and monitoring open positions of other companies on their web sites or job boards to help you analyze market trends and recruiting market.

Our services

If you need recruiting support services we can provide you services for Job Posting, Research Candidates on Job Boards, Research Passive Candidates on the internet, Resume Screening from your inbox or internal database, Name Generation, Customized Research, Information Management, and Web Services

Domain expertise

Our researchers/recruiters/internet sourcers have experience in number of domains and have provided recruiting support services in Information Technology (IT), Health Care, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounts, Engineering, Construction, Financial Services, Logistics etc. You may take a look at positions our internet researchers/sourcers have worked on client’s requirements. We are confident to handle your RPO needs in other domains as well.



The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association defines RPO as follows: “when a provider acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. RPO providers manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the onboarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance”.

Occasional recruitment support, for example temporary, contingency and executive search services, is more analogous to out-tasking, co-sourcing or just sourcing. In this model, the service provider is just a source for certain types of recruitment activity. The distinction between RPO and other types of staffing is that in RPO, the service provider assumes control of the process.


Valour and Wisdom RPO team has highly specialized joint task force team globally to recruit the candidates in various companies globally. We are one of the Overseas recruiting leader in all the fields. The RPO Alliance, a group of the Human Resources Outsourcing Association (HROA), approved this definition in February 2009: “Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide its own or may assume the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting. In all cases, RPO differs greatly from providers such as staffing companies and contingent/retained search providers in that it assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results.


At RPO services, we provide permanent Experienced recruiter(s); with all the necessary skills, tools and technologies for recruitment process. Here the dedicated team or dedicated resource will work as your shadow team in India to support your recruitment process achievements.

CV Sourcing:

Valour and Wisdom provide complete resume sourcing and screening. This comprises CV sourcing from online Job boards, search engines, professional groups and networks. We are experts in using Boolean Operators for better resume database search results. 24×7 searching of job boards, Database Fill Up, forums and other Web groups & communities to enlarge speed and candidate give way.

Data Sourcing:

Valour and Wisdom arranges it’s Technical Expertise to scrap data and CVs from multiple Job Boards / Networking sites / Web. Valour and Wisdom “Data Source” can be set up to download CVs or Names or any info you want from many Job Boards / Networking site.

Executive Search:

Our Executive search division focuses on senior level positions like President, CEO, COO, CFO, Vice President, Managing Director, General Manager and Director and Lead.

Database Fill:

We offer resume formatting services. Our group of technical writers promptly formats the resumes and put them in the order of high superiority, supported with the method endowed by our clients.

Search Program:

Using Valour and Wisdom RPO Service’s you can leverage the 24/7 maintenance for your recruiting needs and raise the output of your team and decrease the rotate time in Hiring.

IT Consultants:

Implementing SAP from scratch, managing SAP post-launch or upgrading SAP can be quite a challenge for many businesses, including the best. We support a business to get the most out of SAP by applying our considerable experience and expertise.


You have top notch consultants with you and looking for the right opportunities that fit them?

Our executive sales team at Valour and Wisdom will analyze your consultant’s technical & communication skills and market them to different clients. We personally take care to avoid double submissions and submitting to layers.

Valour and Wisdom RPO Privacy Statement

Valour and Wisdom respects the privacy of our customers, candidates, workforce suppliers, and employees and we acknowledge that you have certain rights related to any personal information we collect from you. Valour and Wisdom supports the various local privacy laws, and has procedures in place to meet the requirements of those laws.

The following information discloses our privacy principles in addition to our practices for gathering, storing, and using your personal data. We encourage you to review this information so that you may understand and consent to how we may collect, use, and share your personal information. Unless you provide sufficient personal information, we may be unable to assist you with your staffing or employment requirements.

Our Commitment to Privacy:

Valour and Wisdom is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of our customers, candidates, suppliers, and employees. Valour and Wisdom privacy policies reflect these principles, and will also conform to any privacy requirements in the countries in which we do business.

What Personal Data We Collect:

Valour and Wisdom informs our customers, candidates, suppliers, and employees about the information we collect, how we use it, and whether it will be transferred to third parties. Where possible, we provide individuals with details prior to their providing information, or as soon thereafter as is practical.

Valour and Wisdom goal in collecting your personal data is to provide you with the most personalized service possible. By knowing more about you, Valour and Wisdom is able to deliver leading workforce solutions and, hence, a better service to you. In general, personal information is requested when you contact us to look for employment, projects or to search for a candidate to fill a job opening. We ask individuals for their names, addresses, and other personal information such as experience, education, and skills. When hiring employees or on boarding workforce suppliers, we may also request personal information that is considered “sensitive,” such as social security or tax information. Valour and Wisdom recommends that you do not disclose sensitive personal characteristics (e.g., gender.) on the initial resume or curriculum vitae (CV) you submit to us.

The amount of personal information you are required to supply will normally be limited to only that which is necessary to supply our services to you.

Applicants and Employees: When you sign up for our services we may ask you for your name, e-mail address, or other personal information such as work experience, education, and skills. We will use your contact information to send you e-mail messages about our company or job postings that fit your profile. Only Valour and Wisdom (or agents working on behalf of Valour and Wisdom) will send you these direct mailings.

Customers: For those customers who participate in any of Valour and Wisdom various online procurement systems, we will ask for personal information necessary to fulfill the staffing request.

Cookies and Web Beacons: To help us provide better service, we sometimes collect anonymous information from visits to our sites through the use of “web beacons.” These do not access your personal information, but rather allow Valour and Wisdom to log users who have visited our Web sites. This anonymous information is sometimes known as “click stream data.” Valour and Wisdom or its vendors may use this data to analyze trends and statistics to help us provide better customer service.

Retention of Personal Data: Personal data that is collected from you will be retained or destroyed according to company requirements and/or local laws.

Whom We Share It with:

Valour and Wisdom holds its employees, agents, and suppliers accountable for maintaining the trust our applicants, employees, and customers place in us. We educate our employees and periodically verify our compliance with our privacy and security policies.Valour and Wisdom does not sell or trade personal data to third parties. We will disclose personal information when required by law. We will send the personal data of our applicants, workforce suppliers and temporary employees to Valour and Wisdom customers and/or agents who are acting on our behalf to provide you employment or project opportunities.

We occasionally use other companies to provide limited services on our behalf, such as drug and background screening, payroll processing services and health-care benefits. We may also send your personal data to marketing companies who will then contact you to determine your feedback and satisfaction with our services. These companies may also send you information on our services.

We will only provide these agents and suppliers with the personal information they need to deliver the service we have requested. Valour and Wisdom offers its customers, candidates, workforce suppliers, and employees choices about receiving further communications from us, uses of information beyond the purposes for which it was provided, and transferring data to third parties. Valour and Wisdom obtains consent for any information deemed sensitive.

The amount of personal information you are required to supply will normally be limited to that which is necessary to supply the services you requested. For users of our Valour and Wisdom Career, we may periodically send you update via e-mail to alert you to jobs in our database that match your criteria. We may also send you e-mails regarding other career or promotional opportunities. Each notification tells you how to opt out of receiving future e-mails. At the point where we request personal data about you, our site also gives you the opportunity to opt out of receiving communications.

Sensitive Data:

When hiring employees or on boarding workforce suppliers, Valour and Wisdom may collect the type of data viewed by some countries as “sensitive,” such as information required providing health-care services, drug and background screenings, or abiding by government requirements. This collection of data is either compatible with employment law or is vital to the interests of the Valour and Wisdom employee or supplier. In order to comply with statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to equal employment opportunities or to assist Valour and Wisdom in compiling data for its affirmative action practices, we may also ask you to provide gender or racial information. This provision of this type of information will be voluntary, unless it is required by law, and will not hinder your employment or project opportunities. When collecting sensitive information, we will ask you to provide your consent to collect, store, and in some cases, transfer this data to third parties including payroll service companies, health insurance organizations, or government agencies as required by law. Valour and Wisdom takes all reasonable security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data collected, stored, and used.

Accuracy and Access:

Valour and Wisdom Services takes the necessary steps to ensure personal information is accurate, complete, and current. Valour and Wisdom provides individuals with reasonable access to the personal information they have provided so that they can review and correct this information. Valour and Wisdom strives to keep your personally identifiable information accurate. We will give you the ability to review and update the personal information you have provided. Consequently, please be aware that the choices and modifications you make to your personal data in one Valour and Wisdom operation may not automatically be reflected in other Valour and Wisdom operations. You may therefore need to contact each Valour and Wisdom operation to learn how to access and update your information.

There are no fees associated with updating the personal data previously provided by you.


Valour and Wisdom takes care to secure personal information given to us by our customers, candidates, workforce suppliers, and employees. We protect this personal information through various security practices and measures in order to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, destruction, or disclosure.

Valour and Wisdom protects the security of the personal information you provide. This information may be stored in manual or electronic systems with limited access in order to protect this information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Dedicated Recruiting Teams

Our Offshore Recruiting Team at our worldwide delivery Center is an outstanding solution if you need a complete control over human and technical resources mixed up into the recruitment process. Here, we dedicate Recruiting Features at a high level of accuracy, protection, flexibility and scalability. At Global Delivery Center, we organize and quick deploy high volumes of requirements or arrange an efficient and reliable support for Top Priority Requirements.

Dedicated Recruiting team like – Recruiting Leads, Offshore Sourcing Specialists and QC, and support, presents clients an easy and cost-helpful solution for an attractive and different kind of employ groups. The team size is adjustable and depends on your current needs.

Formation steps:


Valour and Wisdom has been providing RPO services to some of the largest MNCs and has case studies to share from a start-up to a global MNC. Our credentials speak volume about our work. Please contact us for specific references. We are not disclosing the names in order to keep the spirit of non-disclosures and compliance agreements we have with our esteemed customers.


We have strong practice of statutory compliance services which can be provided independently or as a part of complete HRO. Specific to statutory compliance we provide consultancy in order to have100 % compliance covering whole of India. We cover all the following but not limited to:

  1. Management of your compliance’s- Renewals to timely returns and liasioning with statutory bodies
  2. Auditing of your vendors and Compliance report
  3. Few of the major acts that we cover:
  4. Employee Social Security & Payroll
  5.  Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act-1952
  6. Employee’s State Insurance Act-1948
  7. Labor Law Compliance
  8. Shops and Commercial Establishment Act-1961
  9. Factories Act-1948
  10. Payment of Gratuity Act-1972
  11. Payment of Wages Act-1936
  12. Payment of Bonus Act-1965
  13. The Contract Labor (Regulation & Abolition) Act -1970
  14. Equal Remuneration Act-1976
  15. Maternity Benefit Act-1961
  16. Workmen Compensation Act-1923
  17. Labor Welfare Fund Act-1965
  18. Industrial Establishment National and Festival Holidays Act – 1963
  19. Profession Tax Act – 1976
  20. Conducting/Attending Vendor Compliance Auditing

Our consultants keep updating the ever changing regulations and guide our clients to update and change as per the times.


Every organization is driven by processes some are deep rooted and few ad-hoc as per the situational scenarios. All managers and stakeholders strive to follow and comply to standard processes but still there are instances where the system dynamics play the role and both large as well as small organizations tend to overlook or bypass the defined systems.

Valour and Wisdom team work with your organization to Audit the process compliance and identify the gaps along with suggestions and advisory guidelines on bridging the gaps that includes training as well as re-designing the process as per the changing times and systems.

How to Contact Us:

At Valour and Wisdom, we are working hard to protect your privacy while delivering innovative career development and staffing services. Our privacy principles represent our commitment to ensuring that your personal information is safe and secure. Contact us

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