What is Hospital Management Software?

In the highly commercialized healthcare industry requirement of a convergent management application is felt more urgently than before. The hospital management system software is a tailor-made application designed to cater to the complex business requirements of a hospital, nursing home and healthcare institutions in keeping track of inpatient, outpatient, doctor availability, billing etc. These are highly specialized software designed to take care of all aspects of a hospital operation.

Why a hospital needs centralized Management Software?

Today healthcare is a rapidly growing industry which means its experiencing a high growth rate in terms of service provided. A central management system works in tandem with the different platforms like sales, billing, accounting, customer care etc. to create a convergent, integrated environment that produces results in real time.

Why comprehensive Hospital Management Software?

  1. Hospital software is a central database that stores information related to inpatient, outpatient, doctors etc.
  2. Hospital management system offers records on real-time to check availability of beds, inventory, doctor charges, scheduling of doctor appointment and more
  1. Maintain proper medical and other records and thus, facilitates documentation
  2. Helps hospitals in maintaining transparency at every level of operation
  3. It offers multi-user facility which ensure that multiple users can access to the hospital billing software at the same time.

Hospital management system software has become an essential tool for hospital management. Hospital information system allows healthcare institutions to manage their operation and serve patients better. Several of these hospital software work both as hosted application and desktop application. Some vendors also allow significant customization of application suited to meet intrinsic requirements of client’s business. There are now several such hospital management applications are available in the market, like – PulsePlus. It is fully customizable, web-based Electronic Medical Record software (EMRS) designed for students.

Important Features

Hospital management software, as the name suggests, is a tool that helps the different departments of a health care agency to manage operation from a single platform. Hospital management system is designed as a comprehensive tool to take care of all aspects of a healthcare agency’s business, like – all businesses need to track sales and leads generated from different sources. CRM software that helps agencies keeping track of their marketing activities and sales through efficient customer database management, prospect management, pipeline management etc.

Hospital software often performs as a central database system to store real-time information on inpatient, outpatient, doctors, inventories, bed allocation and more. As a user logs into the hospital information system he/she can access all important details pertaining to offer better service to patient.

Most vendors nowadays offer fully configurable and customizable software tools that can be tweaked and upgraded to client’s specific business needs, i.e. new modules can be designed or modified to allow customers operate their businesses better through the software. These hospital management system software are designed to blend seamlessly with an existing set-up, which means these would integrate with existing platform to create convergent management environment.

This application is aimed at managing all aspects of a hospital operation and has the following distinct features.

Key features of Hospital Management Software

  1. Functions as a database to store all patients related information – inpatient as well as outpatient on real-time
  2. Managing patient records and asserting data security and confidentiality
  1. Staff management and allocation of duties
  2. Managing laboratory equipment
  3. Managing ward and bed allocation
  1. Lead management and appointment management functions
  2. Multiple user accessibility for efficient all-round performance


  1. The data is updated and stored in real-time
  2. Ensures data security and prevents misuse of information
  1. Helps with documentation as required by internal laws
  2. Offers transparency and integration between different departments and ensure smooth functioning of a complex hospital environment
  3. As a convergent platform, hospital management system integrates between different existing set-up

The important factor during selecting right hospital management software is to understand and analyze internal business requirements. There are applications which is suitable to meet requirements of middle-level and large organizations, whereas some are good for managing small institutions.

Benefits of Hospital Software & Potential Issues with Hospital Management System

Health care is a crucial service that needs dealing with heaps of documents, papers, forms etc. As healthcare as an industry is rapidly growing, the volume and cost of document management is steadily increasing too. Not only it requires an efficient hospital information system but is also crucial for streamlining the daily operation of the institution.

In most part of the world hospital, nursing homes and healthcare institutions are highly regulated regarding documentation and management. Hospital management software is a complete tool that manages all aspect of administrative, management as well as marketing of a hospital to allow them and doctors to serve better. Following are the major advantages of virtual hospital software in today’s evolving healthcare industry.

  1. Marketing and Sales: A hospital needs an efficient hospital management system that will track its marketing and sales performance.It is designed as a comprehensive system to track all leads generated from all sources and deliver it on a consolidated platform. Similarly, the software doubles as a point of sales software that records patient’s details and transaction histories for future references and in turn, plays an important role in determining increasing sales volume. An efficient inquiry system willsave precious time and effort by offering consolidated information.
  2. Accounting and Administrative:The second most important purpose that hospital software satisfies is tracking of accounting and financial transaction. It helps hospitals maintaining transparencyand therefore facilitates auditing. It functions as a central repository of patient’s records offering real-time data on a convergent platform and thus helping hospitals in abiding by data security and confidentiality rules set by authorities.

Currently there is a great deluge of hospital management software and similar tools. And hence, it is important to select software application appropriate for your complex business requirements.

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